Our Environment Policy

As Anadolu Isuzu, we promise that we are aware of our responsibilities for the environment; that we will endeavor to protect the environment from the possible effects of our products and services; that we will create programs for these purposes; that we will establish environment management system and we will develop our environment performance by determining aims and targets; that we will abide by the related regulations and we will use our resources without disrupting the natural balance and without pollution.

Environment and Our Aims – Targets;
  • Disposal of wastes by collecting them in an appropriate way, and reduction of wastes,
  • Savings on the energy consumption,
  • Savings on the water consumption,
  • Collection of dangerous wastes in an appropriate way, their disposal and/or recycling,
  • Developing the environment consciousness.

Compliance With Lengislation

Complying with related environment legislations, laws and administrative regulations; being in cooperation with organizations with aims.

Usage of Appropriate Technologies

Enabling the usage of technologies – which will give minimum damage to the environment - insofar as the economic and commercial opportunities permit in order to protect the natural resources and to prevent them from pollution. Featuring environment-friendly applications in design and manufacturing processes.

Enabling the Participation

Enabling the active participation of all employees with the responsibility and consciousness of protecting the environment; and increasing the consciousness with effective flow of information and education for this purpose; and enabling their participation in environmental activities along with our sub-contractors and industrial enterprises.

Efficient Usage of the Resources

Minimizing the environmental effect and pollution in our wastes which go into the air, water and earth; keeping the effects – which arise during processing, purification, disposal and storing – under control; encouraging savings and enabling the efficient usage of natural resources; heading towards the recycling of wastes by following the developing technologies.

Environmental Award to Anadolu Isuzu

Şahabettin Bilgisu Environmental Awards of 2015 held by Kocaeli Chamber of Industry for the 21th times have found their owners. In the Automotive Industry, Anadolu Isuzu was awarded with the Environmental Award. Anadolu Isuzu Technical Director, Hakan Özenç took the award from the Chairman of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Ayhan Zeytinoğlu.