Isuzu Motors Limited

Isuzu is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Always an innovator, Isuzu introduced Japan’s first diesel engine in 1936, and today it is leading the way in developing environmentally friendly diesel technology.

Isuzu Motors Limited has been devoting the company’s major efforts to study diesel engines for nearly 70 years. On the way of its history, Isuzu has been pioneering in technological innovations in diesel engine field in Japan. Isuzu has had a good name in the diesel engine field and had built nearly 20 million diesel engines since its predecessor developed Japan’s first air-cooled automotive diesel engine in 1936. The company’s history is highly respected because of not only its length but also its abundant fruits in responding to ever-changing demands of the market as well as of the society.

Isuzu is the market leader in at least one product catagory in 23 different countries and its products are found in over 130 countries around the world. For example, in Japan Isuzu led the market for 2-3 ton trucks with over 38,4% market share in the fiscal year 2005, and in the US Isuzu has been the leader in imported class 3 and class 7 low cab forward (LCF) trucks for 19 straight years.

Isuzu is Japan's first passenger car manufacturers

Tracing its roots back to 1916 as Japan's oldest automaker, Isuzu Motors is boldly taking up the challenge to be a leading global company in our area of expertise, commercial vehicles and diesel engines.

The first diesel engine in Japan

Commercial vehicles to move things and diesel engines to power them - these are essential to support people's lives around the world. From the beginning, we have focused on development and manufacturing of advanced commercial vehicles and diesel engines to contribute to people's wellbeing with quality products. By expanding our operations across the globe from Japan, Isuzu products now provide a benefit to people in well over 100 countries.

Isuzu has learned one overriding lesson in its business: regardless of country or region, customers expect the same performance from commercial vehicles and diesel engines. To ensure the most advanced safety, economy and environmental performance as well as superb service, Isuzu is meeting the common need for uniform quality by developing products from a global standpoint under a standardized manufacturing system and building a sophisticated system of worldwide Customer Support.